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Copper Gutters

For most homes in Northern Illinois, gutters are more functional than aesthetic-serving their much-needed purpose of redirecting water flow but doing little to add to the curb appeal of a home. In fact, more often than not, traditional gutters actually detract from a home's façade.

But not copper gutters from Style Exteriors!

These unique gutters will add a touch of sophistication to your home and make it stand out from every other property on the block. They'll not only work to prevent costly water damage, but will turn your home into a stand-out property in the neighborhood.

Copper Gutter Benefits

Compared to more common materials like steel, vinyl, or aluminum, copper gutters are more expensive to install. However, their extended lifetime and relative strength reduce the cost of ownership over the long term.

This advantage only adds to the many other copper gutter benefits:

  • Elegance: Curb appeal is the most common reason for choosing copper gutters. They have a high-end sheen when first installed and develop an aged patina over time, which adds a stately look to any home.
  • Longevity: As long as the entire system is made from copper, a copper gutter installation won't ever rust. Its inherent strength also prevents common wear and tear for an expected lifetime of 50 years or more.
  • Easy Maintenance: Copper is less prone to sagging and breaking than other materials, requiring fewer repairs under normal conditions. They'll still need to be cleared of debris, but won't ever require painting or refinishing.

Local Experts for Your Copper Gutter Installation

There's no doubt that copper gutters are a premium renovation choice that can really bring out the unique beauty of a home. However, their relatively high price also means that you should be particularly choosy about the contractors you hire.

Fortunately, trust and quality come standard with Style Exteriors!

Unlike many copper gutter installers, we aren't just looking to make some quick money. We're locally owned, family-operated, and committed to improving the communities in which we live and work. For your peace of mind, we always provide:

  • Detailed, Honest Cost Estimates
  • Objective Guidance with No Pushy Sales Pitches
  • Full Licensing, Bonding, and Insurance
  • Top-Brand Products with Strong Warranty Coverage
  • Numerous Custom Financing Options

Learn More About Copper Gutters and Get Your Free Quote

If you'd like to take your home from so-so to absolutely stunning, there's no better way than with a copper gutter installation from Style Exteriors. Explore our many styles of gutters and grab your free cost estimate by calling us or completing our fast online form today!